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Women have made real strides that seemed unimaginable when Women Employed was founded in 1973, including:

  • Access to jobs in hundreds of fields that were once closed to women;
  • Protection from sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination at work;
  • Job-protected family and medical leave;
  • Expanded opportunities to get education and training for good jobs.

These changes didn’t simply happen. With devoted supporters, Women Employed fought, strategized, rallied, organized, and relentlessly pursued change. 

We’re proud of our successes, but millions of women are still struggling in low-wage jobs with little opportunity to advance. Donate now!

Your contribution to Women Employed ensures we can move forward advancing women's economic status—crafting new strategies and collaborations, speaking out loudly, and mobilizing others. We channel your financial investment into meaningful change for working women by making workplaces fairer and expanding educational opportunities for women.

Your gift will help us meet today’s challenges and ensure that ALL women can earn family-supporting wages and achieve their aspirations.

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