See Women Employed's 40 years of accomplishments through the eyes of people affected by our work.

Donor Kristin Case talks about how WE is action-oriented, and why she knows her donation is a good investment.

Joliet Junior College student Kayla talks about how Student Advocates for Success is helping students on her campus to advocate for increased funding for the MAP grant.

Rachel Readus talks about how she went from being a low-wage worker to a Registered Nurse making a good salary, thanks to the opportunity to go to school and get her degree.

Women Employed Investor for Change Rebecca Girvin-Argon talks about why she supports Women Employed, and why WE is a good investment.

Hear directly from students about why financial aid matters and what will happen if they lose it.

At The Working Lunch, Women Employed's annual event, Lilly Ledbetter urges all women to keep fighting for equal pay.

Felipe, a restaurant worker who doesn't have paid sick days, talks about times he was sick and given the choice by his boss to either to come in sick or be fired, and how by working while sick, he infected coworkers and customers with his flu virus.

Elena Herrera, student organizer for Women Employed's Student Advocates for Success (SAS), talks about how SAS is empowering students, and teaching them to become their own advocates, at The Working Lunch, Women Employed's annual fundraiser, on May 4, 2010.

Adult student Mary Bulaon talks about the challenges of being a low-wage working woman, her decision to go back to school at 49 years old, and how her education is going to allow her to achieve her dreams, at The Working Lunch, Women Employed's annual fundraiser, on May 4, 2010.