Financial Aid is the Difference Between a Dream and an Achievement

It IS About the Money.  A woman with a bachelor’s degree earns 78 percent more than a woman with only a high school education. Two-thirds of adult students who drop out of college do so because they do not have the money to continue. 

Financial Aid Funding is Critical. Many working adults yearn to return to school to gain skills for new careers that provide a better life for themselves and their families. In addition to tuition, adult students must pay for books, rent, bills, childcare, and transportation. 

For most working adults, financial aid is the only way to return to school. Thousands of Illinois working students rely on Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants. Nationally, over 7 million students receive needed Pell Grants every year. Yet in the face of state and federal budget shortfalls, financial aid programs like MAP and Pell are chronically underfunded and constantly threatened by budget cuts.

Women Employed is a leading advocate in Illinois for financial aid to help low-income students achieve their dreams. We lead the charge to make sure funding streams like MAP and Pell are available to students who need them. 


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